Mar 17, 2011

Due to reported malware attack to this site, several measures have been taken to restore this site to its original setting by the owner. Some links and page functions have been disabled to meet the security verification requirements by google. Until the next verification cycle, you may face a warning message that this site is under malware attack. Just click "proceed anyway" to enter this site. I can assure you that this site has no such malware or transit point to malware hosted in other site or anything in that manner anymore.

A request to reconsider the security status of this site has been sent to google. For the mean time, please contact the owner of this site if you face any problem pertaining the above matter.

The reference code of site security verification given by google as follow:

[google-site-verification: google458904f958db99f9.html]



ghost writer said...

what is this Sudais?

ghost writer said... mmg bisk tengah proceed anyway jer nih...

kira benda tuh takde aper lar.

AngahSayang2314 said...

ye la..selalu kalau masuk sini mesti ada nieee

S..U..D..@..I..S said...

tsunami melanda blog

S..U..D..@..I..S said...

akibat tsunami keblog ni aku hilang semua komentar kwn2 melalui discus, antara yg paling sadiss, dan juga bloglist.Kalau aku masuk balik discus akan hilang pulak komen ini..
komen adlah sesuatu yg berharga buat aku..

aku makin feninnnnn

S..U..D..@..I..S said...

tsunami melanda blog